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Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:- Downloading music from the Vaportrail Music Website must be carried out in accordance with the download procedures as specified in the "How To Buy" section of the website. Failure to undertake the correct procedures may result in failure to successfully complete downloading of music.

Vaportrail Music accepts no responsibility for download failure resulting from any internet disconnection during and prior  to the completion of downloading music from its website.

Vaportrail Music has taken precautions to make downloading as easy and as efficient as possible, hence no payment refunds will be issued by Vaportrail Music. A contact email address has been provided in the event of a problem with downloading.

Vaportail Music will not disclose its customer details to any 'Third Party'.

Vaportrail Music retains all copyright to music provided on its website and website users shall have no licence to copy or reproduce this material without the written consent of Vaportrail Music.

Vaportrail Music has undertaken measures to make the site as safe and secure as possible and thanks all customers for their business.

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